Sound Park Heights Merchandise!

As was mentioned at the recent Shareholders meeting,  selling promotional items such as hats, baseball tee’s, glasses, etc has been a great fundraising activity for the SPH organization.


To mix it up a bit, we will now be selling high-quality “Hooded Zippered Sweatshirts”, hats and bumper stickers to supplement this effort and create a bit more community awareness.
Cash or Check

These items will go on sale starting this [date] at Amanda’s house (86 Park Rd)

  • Monday- Friday, June 21-25 from 5pm – 7pm only
Hooded Zippered Sweatshirts in 
light blue, vintage gold or tan
Sizes  “S” to “XL”
$35 each  
One size fits all
Blue or White
$15 each
Bumper Stickers
$2 each
$2 each


This will be while supplies last so please make sure to get your SPH’s items early!

Thanks for all your support.  We look forward to seeing the best-dressed group of supporters!
Tom O’Haire